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Production information
  • 16L TSSOP  package device
  • Hi C/P  device for 802.3af spec.
  • IEEE802.3af 15W PoE Power Device + PWM Controller
  • Programmable UVLO function
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The GI32050 power interface port and pulse width modulation (PWM) controller provides a complete integrated solution for Powered Devices (PD) that connect into Power over Ethernet (PoE) systems. The GI32050 integrates an 80V, 400mA line connection switch and associated control for a fully IEEE 802.3af compliant  interface  with  a full  featured  current  mode  pulse  width  modulator  dc-dc  converter. All  power sequencing  requirements  between  the  controller  interface  and  switch  mode  power  supply  (SMPS)  are integrated into the IC. The GI32050 provide a 50% maximum duty cycle limit and no slope compensation device.​
  • Fully Compliant  802.3af Power Interface Port 
  • 80V, 1Ω, 400mA Internal MOSFET  
  • Programmable Inrush Current Limit 
  • Detection  Resistor Disconnect Function 
  • Programmable Classification Current 
  • Programmable Under-voltage Lockout with Programmable Hysteresis 
  • Thermal Shutdown Protection 
  • Current Mode Pulse Width Modulator 
  • Supports  both Isolated and Non-Isolated Applications 
  • Error Amplifier  and Reference  for Non-Isolated Applications 
  • Programmable Oscillator Frequency 
  • Programmable Soft-start 
  • 50% Maximum  Duty Cycle Limiter, No Slope Compensation 
  • 800mA Peak Gate Driver 
  • VoIP Telephones
  • Network Cards
  • Security Camera Systems
  • Safety Backup Power
  • Remote Internet Power